Saturday, April 20, 2024


South Korea to Discontinue Certain COVID Tests for Travelers from China

South Korean authorities will no longer require arrivals from China to do a COVID test from next month.

India Enacts Emergency Law to Increase Coal Plant Output

Directive calling on coal plants to run at full capacity comes ahead of expected surge in power usage this summer.

Japan to Lead G7 Discussions on Pressuring Russia Regarding Ukraine Situation

Financial leaders of the G7 will meet on Thursday to discuss measures aimed at pressuring Moscow to end war.

Shares of China Renaissance Plunge as Founder Disappears

China Renaissance Holdings shares fall as much as 5 percent after earlier recovering some losses.

South Korea Sanctions North Korea for Missile Tests

Seoul unveils sanctions against four individuals and five entities following latest missile launches.

Ukraine War in 2020: Developing Nations Struggling to Rebuild

Some of the harshest economic effects of the war are being felt much farther afield than Russia’s theatre of battle.

Closed terminal at New York’s JFK airport causes delays

A power outage caused by an isolated fire has disrupted flights at one of the busiest airports in the world.

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