Sunday, October 1, 2023


The West’s Climate Crisis: Bad News for the Global South | TOME

Increasing heatwaves, floods and hurricanes in the West threaten to divert climate finance away from developing nations.

American Dream: A Day in the Life | TOME

Many who come to the US face a cruel reality of poverty and suffering; and yet the American dream delusion persists.

Greece’s Ineffective Approach to Battling Wildfires | TOME

A strategy focusing largely on boosting a firefighting force won't save the country from climate crisis-fuelled blazes.

Biden’s Vietnam Embrace Repeats US Mistakes | TOME

The US is again attempting to draw Vietnam into superpower politics. But much of the world is wary of Washington's game.

Reducing Disease Risk in Earthquake-Hit Morocco: A Guide | TOME

To stay alive, earthquake survivors need access to clean drinking water and proper sanitation services as a priority.

Iraq’s Gender Equality Regression: Where are the Women MPs?

The Iraqi parliament has the biggest number of women MPs since 2003 and yet this has not helped women's rights at all.

Annual Graverobbing of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. at the Scene | TOME

Colonists continue to steal from Dr King's messages and memory to advance the system he was killed for opposing.

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