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Spy Agencies Manipulated Intelligence for Trump and Obama | TOME

“Individuals looked to avoid conflict and please political masters,” a Pentagon-backed RAND corporation study finds.

The post Spy Agencies Skewed Intel to Please Trump, and Obama Too appeared first on The Intercept.

Pentagon Ignores Law on Training African Coup Leaders | TOME

The Defense Department blew the deadline for a mandatory briefing to Congress on coups by U.S.-trained African military officers.

The post Pentagon Ignores Law Calling for Report on How It Trained So Many African Coup Leaders appeared first on The Intercept.

Kamala Harris Promotes High School Spying Program for Homeland Security | TOME

The Secret Service program stresses more behavioral monitoring as well as students spying on other students.

The post Kamala Harris Touts Homeland Security Program Encouraging High School Spying appeared first on The Intercept.

Biden’s Alliance with Worst Dictator Amid African Coups | TOME

Famous for its repression and torture, Teodoro Obiang’s Equatorial Guinea got an aid delivery from U.S. Special Operations forces.

The post Squeezed by African Coups, Biden Cozies Up to the World’s Worst Dictator appeared first on The Intercept.

Elon Musk’s Stance on Government Surveillance | TOME

Musk made hay of his legal battle against secret surveillance but continued selling X user data to a company that facilitates government monitoring.

The post Elon Musk Fought Government Surveillance — While Profiting Off Government Surveillance appeared first on The Intercept.

Government Comic Books Combat Election Disinformation | TOME

Another federal government program to fight foreign disinformation falls flat.

The post Government-Made Comic Books Try to Fight Election Disinformation appeared first on The Intercept.

Tech Official Could Profit from TikTok Ban Amid U.S.–China Cold War | TOME

From his perch on a government commission, Jacob Helberg fearmongered about TikTok in Congress. He also works for a giant defense contractor.

The post Tech Official Pushing TikTok Ban Could Reap Windfall From U.S.–China Cold War appeared first on The Intercept.

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