Sunday, October 1, 2023


Decolonising Africa’s Energy: African Climate Summit

African leaders should use the gathering in Nairobi to chart the course for a renewable energy revolution.

Global Human Rights Regime Collapses

We urgently need a radical new framework to protect the fundamental rights of all human beings.

GOP Measure Blocks Pentagon Aid to Pakistan

The defense budget amendment would cut off funds to Pakistan amid an ongoing crackdown by the military establishment and its civilian allies.

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Nepal’s Supreme Court: Misguided on Child Marriages and Rape

The court has effectively diluted the concept of statutory rape and could end up encouraging child marriages.

Malta’s Youth Theft: Three Young Men’s Story

Abdalla, Amara and Kader helped authorities defuse a tense situation on a boat with asylum seekers. Their reward? Jail.

Trump’s imprisonment: The wheel has turned

It's increasingly clear. Fox News cannot save him. His family and surrogates cannot save him. And I think he knows it.

Sanctioning Elites to Prevent Lebanon’s Failed State Status

Only coordinated US and EU sanctions may prevent Lebanese leaders from driving the country into the void.

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