Friday, July 12, 2024


EU’s Support for Israel Complicit in Genocide

The EU continues to export weapons to Israel and provide funding to various Israeli entities.

Pro-Gaza independents’ success and Labour’s victory: What’s the connection?

Labour owes its landslide not to the electorate’s embrace of Starmerism, but its complete rejection of the Tories.

Sudan Starvation: Out of Global Spotlight | TOME

We need to take urgent action to prevent what could be the largest hunger crisis of our times.

Gaza Remains Top Priority for “Uncommitted” Voters | TOME

Activists who protested Biden’s handling of the war during Democratic primaries say they will maintain pressure no matter the nominee.

The post Whether It’s Biden or Someone Else, Gaza Remains Top Priority for “Uncommitted” Voters appeared first on The Intercept.

Supreme Court Seeks Dictator | TOME

The right-wing court is engaged in a radical revolution to upend U.S. democracy.

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Guantánamo Negotiations for Gaza Prisoner Release | TOME

Abu Zubaydah’s lawyer told a military review board that an unnamed country could admit the 22-year prisoner and surveil him for perpetuity.

The post Negotiations Are Underway for Guantánamo’s “Forever Prisoner” From Gaza to Be Released appeared first on The Intercept.

Can the DNC Be Stopped from Being a Biden Coronation?

“The Democratic Party is more invested in trying to maintain control than it is in trying to win an election in November,” said one DNC member.

The post Can Anything Stop the Democratic National Convention From Being A Biden Coronation? appeared first on The Intercept.

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