Friday, April 19, 2024

Sen. Fetterman Building Republican Donor Roster Since October


Sen. John Fetterman, a Democrat from Pennsylvania, has been attracting new Republican donors to his campaign in recent months. While traditionally supported by Democrats and independents, Fetterman’s hardened stance in support of Israel following the Hamas attacks on October 7 has drawn the attention of at least 14 registered Republicans who have contributed to his campaign.

The shift in public perception of Fetterman, who was once identified as a progressive, reflects the changing politics surrounding Israel in the U.S. While bipartisan support for Israel was once the norm, recent decades have seen a rightward lurch in Israeli politics mirrored by an increasing alignment of its staunchest supporters with the Republican Party. Progressives within the Democratic Party have been more critical of human rights abuses in Israel, while centrists and mainstream liberals, especially in party leadership, have shown robust unconditional support for Israel.

Criticism has been directed at Fetterman for aligning himself with the GOP and its stance on the conflict in Gaza, with some questioning his moral clarity on the issue. As Fetterman’s roster of GOP supporters grows, he has stridently criticized President Joe Biden’s Israel policy from the right, highlighting areas where he believes the administration has fallen short in supporting Israel.

However, Fetterman’s shift to the right on Israel has not been without controversy. Some of his supporters have expressed frustration with his rhetoric, which they perceive as veering further right than other pro-Israel Democrats. Progressive disapproval has also arisen from Fetterman’s taunting of pro-Palestine veterans and his position that there should be no conditions on aid to Israel.

Despite these challenges, Fetterman has raised $4.7 million this cycle, with a significant portion coming from outside Pennsylvania. While the bulk of his contributions still come from Democrats, registered Republicans have contributed at least $18,900 to his campaign since October. Some of these Republican donors have praised Fetterman for his principled actions supporting Israel during the conflict.

In addition to Republican donors, some of Fetterman’s non-GOP contributors have also increased donations to Republican candidates and causes since October. The shifting dynamics around support for Israel have led to a complex web of political affiliations among Fetterman’s donors, with contributions going to both Democrats and Republicans.

As Fetterman navigates this evolving landscape, he continues to draw support from small-dollar donors and prominent figures like Palantir CEO Alexander Karp. The diversity of his donor base reflects the broader political realignment happening around the issue of Israel and highlights the complexities of navigating these shifting alliances in contemporary American politics.

In conclusion, Sen. John Fetterman’s campaign has seen a notable influx of Republican donors in recent months due to his unwavering support for Israel. This shift underscores the changing dynamics within U.S. politics surrounding the issue of Israel and highlights the challenges and opportunities that come with navigating these evolving political landscapes.

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