Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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Interest Rates: Have They Peaked? | TOME

US Federal Reserve holds rates steady while European Central Bank signals a pause in monetary tightening policy.

UN Peacekeepers: Understanding Their Role | TOME

DRC has asked the UN to withdraw its troops saying it has failed to protect civilians.

Azerbaijan’s Full Control of Nagorno-Karabakh: Will It Happen?

Armenian separatists in the region agree to disarm after a quick assault by Baku.

India’s Alleged Killing of Sikh Activist in Canada | TOME

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau accuses New Delhi of triggering tension between the two countries.

New Geopolitical Battleground: Electric Cars | TOME

China is in prime position for electric vehicle manufacture - but seen as a threat by the EU and US.

AU’s G20 Admission: Real Change Ahead? | TOME

The G20 gave the African Union a seat at its table during its annual summit in India.

Saudi Arabia and Russia’s Ongoing Oil Production Cuts: Reasons Explained | TOME

Global price reaches nine-month high after decision is announced.

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