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October 6 | TOME

What was the mood in Gaza like before the current war broke out?

Palestinian man’s emotional reaction to new wheelchair

Video shows a Palestinian man requesting a wheelchair, and his emotional response to receiving it.

Ukraine: Escaping Darkness

In war-torn Ukraine, a family weighs the dangers of leaving their makeshift bunker for the promise of freedom outside.

Man Confronts Neo-Nazis in Nashville | TOME

A man confronted suspected members of the white supremacist group ‘Blood Tribe’ as he filmed them doing the Nazi salute.

Belgorod, Russia’s Residential Area Hit by Ukrainian Rockets | TOME

A Ukranian rocket attack on Belgorod, Russia, has killed at least 7 people and injured several others.

Turkey, Egypt urge Gaza ceasefire | TOME

A call for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza topped the agenda for Turkish and Egyptian presidents

Israeli Snipers Claim Lives of Cousins, Leaving Families with Lasting Memories | TOME

The families of two cousins killed by Israeli snipers recall their fateful decision to go out to buy food in Gaza.

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