Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Israeli strike disables Aleppo airport; 5 injured | TOME


Israeli Strikes Target Aleppo Airport, Injuring Five

Israeli strikes have once again targeted the airport in Syria’s government-held city of Aleppo, injuring five people, according to a war monitor. This comes just days after a similar strike hit both the Aleppo and Damascus airports. The Syrian defense ministry has confirmed the strikes, stating that the airport has been temporarily rendered out of service.

Confirmation of the strikes came from Rami Abdel Rahman, head of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. However, it is unclear whether the injured individuals were civilians or military personnel. The defense ministry lambasted Israel for the attack, accusing it of “crimes against the Palestinian people” and highlighting the “criminal approach of the Israeli occupation.”

Thursday’s Israeli strikes had already knocked out both Damascus and Aleppo airports, marking the first such attack since the recent Hamas assault on Israel triggered intense fighting. The latest strikes hit Aleppo airport just hours after it had resumed operations, once again rendering it out of service. Israel retaliated earlier on Saturday after air raid sirens sounded in settlements on the annexed Golan Heights. The Israeli army stated that the retaliation was in response to a rocket launched from southern Syria toward the occupied Golan Heights by Palestinian factions working with Hezbollah.

Israeli strikes have been a recurring occurrence during the decade-long war in Syria, primarily targeting Iran-backed forces, Lebanese Hezbollah fighters, and Syrian army positions. The strikes have often resulted in flight cancellations at both Damascus and Aleppo airports, which are under government control. Israel has consistently expressed its opposition to Iran expanding its influence in Syria, where it supports President Bashar al-Assad’s government.

While Israel rarely comments on individual strikes in Syria, it has made it clear that it will not tolerate Iran’s presence in its neighboring country. The recent strikes on Aleppo mark the second attack on Syrian airports since Hamas launched a surprise attack from Gaza on October 7, sparking a deadly conflict that has claimed over 1,300 lives in Israel. In Gaza, health officials report that over 2,200 people have been killed, with the majority being civilians.

The ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine continues to escalate, with both sides suffering heavy casualties. The international community has called for an immediate ceasefire and a return to negotiations to find a lasting solution to the conflict. However, achieving peace remains a significant challenge as both sides remain deeply entrenched in their positions.

As the situation unfolds, it is crucial for all parties involved to prioritize the safety and well-being of civilians caught in the crossfire. The international community must continue to exert pressure on both Israel and Palestine to de-escalate the violence and engage in meaningful dialogue. Only through peaceful negotiations can a lasting resolution be achieved, bringing an end to the suffering of innocent people on both sides.

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