Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Armenian Tourist Allegedly Kidnapped by Hezbollah in Beirut


In January, an Armenian woman claimed that she and her friends were kidnapped by Hezbollah in Beirut. The woman, who chose to remain anonymous, spoke to Sawt Beirut International and revealed that she and her friends were in Lebanon to celebrate the New Year’s holidays when they were taken and held captive for four days. According to the woman, they were waiting for an Uber outside their hotel when they were forced into a black SUV. She was unable to provide any further details about the men or the location they were taken to. During their captivity, they were not given any food or water. The woman claimed that their captors suspected them of not being Armenian. They were held in a house, which she believed was a Hezbollah base, for four days before being transferred to a Lebanese police station where they were eventually released.

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