Thursday, March 23, 2023

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US and UK’s Justification for Iraq Invasion

What were the reasons given for the Iraq war, and how do they stand up today?

Ecuador Quake Kills 13, Peru 1, Causes Damage

Magnitude 6.7 earthquake shakes coastal Guayas region, damaging homes and buildings.

CDC Report: Tickborne Babesiosis on the Rise in Northeast

Tickborne disorder has been at the upward thrust within the US, with the wide variety of instances developing…

“Can young robot fans help unify Libya?”

Young people work together across social, economic and racial divides to embrace technology and advance their country.

Imran Khan: Arrest Attempt “Totally Illegal” – Ex-Pakistan PM

Khan tells Al Jazeera an arrest warrant is a politically motivated attempt to 'remove him' from upcoming elections.

Lebanon’s Currency Hits 100,000 Against USD

The value of the Lebanese pound on the parallel market is at a historic low as the country's economic crisis continues.

Israeli Knesset passes controversial judicial law in first vote

Bill that weakens Supreme Court passes first reading, alongside a bill that would protect PM from removal.


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