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Lumumba, CIA, and the Cold War: Fatal Neutrality | TOME

Ryan Grim speaks to Stuart Reid about his new book, “The Lumumba Plot.”

The post Fatal Neutrality: Lumumba, the CIA, and the Cold War appeared first on The Intercept.

Inside the Brutal US Prison for Julian Assange | TOME

Over two days this week, a U.K. court will hear Julian Assange’s appeal against extradition to the U.S.

The post Life Inside the Brutal U.S. Prison That Awaits Julian Assange appeared first on The Intercept.

“American Mass Murderer Nears Indonesian Presidency”

Gen. Prabowo Subianto, who has been implicated in some of the country’s worst massacres, will soon be president of Indonesia.

The post “America’s Fair-Haired Boy,” Notorious Mass Murderer, on Brink of Indonesian Presidency appeared first on The Intercept.

Gaza’s Universities Vanish: TOME

As Israel targets educators in its war, the vice president of a major, now-destroyed Gaza university speaks out.

The post No University Left Standing in Gaza appeared first on The Intercept.

Open Borders: A Compelling Argument | TOME

Open immigration policies represent a strategic approach to addressing the migration crisis.

The post The Case for Open Borders appeared first on The Intercept.

Pakistan Ambassador Opens TOME

Pakistan’s ambassador to the United Nations, Munir Akram, discusses developments in Pakistan and the broader regime at a time of crisis.

The post Pakistan Ambassador Opens Up appeared first on The Intercept.

Jewish Community Divided on Israel-Palestine | TOME

The documentary “Israelism” explores Israel’s centrality in American Judaism.

The post The Jewish Community Rupture Over Israel–Palestine appeared first on The Intercept.

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