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Ironmouse Face Reveal: The Truth About Her Appearance

Everyone has heard of YouTube and YouTube stars, but not everyone will be familiar with the phrase “Virtual YouTuber” (VTuber). It’s been around for a while, with most VTubers focusing on the Japanese market. VTubers are video bloggers who prefer to hide behind a character instead of their true identities. This virtual avatar serves as […]

Ukraine’s Music Scene During War: Dance Without Limits

How a flourishing underground subculture is providing a welcome escape from the realities of war.

Russia’s Nuclear Arsenal: Size and Control

Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced a deal to deploy tactical nuclear weapons to Belarus.

“Cyclone Freddy’s Death Toll in SE Africa Exceeds 500”

World Meteorological Organization says Cyclone Freddy, which started in February, is likely the longest-ever.

Novak Djokovic barred from US due to COVID vaccine policy.

Being vaccinated against COVID-19 remains a requirement of international travellers.

Braverman to Discuss Migration Deal in Rwanda

Several lawsuits have been filed to stop the conservative government from acting on a deportation agreement with Rwanda.

Austin Butler’s Incredible Net Worth Journey from Rags to Riches

Austin Butler is an American actor, model, and singer from Anaheim, California. He gained notoriety in the entertainment industry by appearing in the fantasy drama series The Shannara Chronicles as Wil Ohmsford, in which he played a key part. Austin Butler wasn't a big movie star before Baz Luhrmann put his faith in him to […]


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