Thursday, November 2, 2023

“Netflix’s Dark Drama: Wednesday’s Filming Locations Revealed!”


Netflix’s latest dark drama, Wednesday, has been making waves since its release. The show, which is a coming-of-age story about the Addams Family’s daughter, Wednesday Addams, has been praised for its unique take on the classic characters and its stunning visuals. One aspect of the show that has caught the attention of viewers is its filming locations. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at where Wednesday was filmed and some interesting facts about the locations.

The show was primarily filmed in Romania

The majority of Wednesday was filmed in Romania, specifically in Bucharest and its surrounding areas. The country was chosen for its stunning architecture and landscapes, which perfectly suited the gothic aesthetic of the show. The production team also found that Romania offered a more cost-effective option compared to other European countries.

One of the most notable filming locations in Romania was the Mogosoaia Palace. This stunning 17th-century palace was used as the exterior for Nevermore Academy, the school that Wednesday attends in the show. The palace’s grandeur and eerie atmosphere perfectly captured the essence of the school and its mysterious headmistress, played by Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Another notable location in Romania was the Snagov Monastery. This historic monastery, located on an island in Snagov Lake, was used as the exterior for the Addams Family mansion. The monastery’s isolated location and gothic architecture made it the perfect choice for the iconic mansion.

The production team also utilized various other locations around Bucharest, including the city’s historic Old Town. The cobblestone streets and medieval buildings provided a perfect backdrop for some of the show’s more atmospheric scenes.

Some scenes were also filmed in the United States

While most of Wednesday was filmed in Romania, some scenes were also shot in the United States. Specifically, scenes featuring the Addams Family’s hometown of Westfield were filmed in various locations around Ohio.

One of the most notable locations used in Ohio was the historic town of Chagrin Falls. This picturesque town, located just outside of Cleveland, was used as the primary filming location for Westfield. The town’s charming main street and historic buildings perfectly captured the small-town feel of Westfield.

Other locations used in Ohio included the Cleveland Museum of Art and various residential neighborhoods in Cleveland and Akron. These locations were used for various interior and exterior shots throughout the show.

The production team faced some challenges during filming

While filming Wednesday, the production team faced some unique challenges. One of the biggest challenges was finding suitable locations that matched the gothic aesthetic of the show. The team spent months scouting locations in various European countries before ultimately settling on Romania.

Another challenge was dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. Filming took place during the height of the pandemic, which meant that strict safety protocols had to be put in place to ensure the safety of cast and crew members. These protocols included regular testing, social distancing, and wearing masks when not on camera.

Despite these challenges, the production team was able to create a stunning visual world that perfectly captured the essence of Wednesday Addams and her world.

In conclusion, Wednesday was primarily filmed in Romania, with some scenes shot in Ohio. The production team faced unique challenges during filming but was able to create a visually stunning world that perfectly captured the gothic aesthetic of the show. With its unique take on classic characters and stunning visuals, Wednesday is sure to be a hit with viewers for years to come.

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