Tuesday, February 20, 2024


Boeing 737’s Turbulent Journey | TOME

Max 9 jets combed for door flaws at a time when global industry debates safety of passenger planes with only one pilot.

Iowa Shooting to Bangladesh Elections: A Week in Pictures | TOME

From a US high school shooting to rescue operations after an earthquake in Japan, here is the week in photos.

Mexico’s Weed Nuns Reclaiming Plant from Narcos | TOME

In a country ravaged by drug war and embedded in Christianity, image of marijuana-smoking nun is an act of rebellion.

Zimbabwe Park’s Heartbreaking Water Hunt: Elephants in Distress | TOME

Blackened corpses scar a landscape where the rains have been more than six weeks late.

Israel’s War on Gaza: Shocking Human Toll in Photos | TOME

Israel’s aerial and ground offensive has been one of the most devastating military offensives in recent history.

Drones Aid Forest Carbon Capture Puzzle in Thailand | TOME

The drone images knitted into a 3D model reveal the woodland's health and help estimate how much carbon it can absorb.

Taiwan’s Final Generation Battling China | TOME

Veterans of Taiwan’s battles with China say their history holds lessons for the upcoming presidential election.

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