Friday, May 17, 2024


Saving Iraq’s Waterways: The Battle for the Marshes

Jassim Al-Asadi has spent much of his life fighting for the survival of the Iraqi Marshes, but the battle is difficult.

The Hidden Costs of EU-Rwanda Supply Deal: Blood Minerals

EU plans to secure supplies for green revolution from Rwanda likely to support smuggling of conflict minerals from DRC.

Kidney Disease on the Rise in Sri Lanka’s Farming Communities

Residents of several 'hotspots' have been afflicted by kidney failure in the past few decades - and no one knows why.

Unemployed Engineers and MBAs: The Secret Army of Indian Election Consultants

These ‘politically neutral problem solvers’ do short stints in political campaigns and are valued for their data skills.

Sudan War Sparks Ethnic Killings in Darfur | TOME

Proximity to Chad means violence in North Darfur between the RSF and Sudan's army could easily spread.

US Congress to vote on aid for Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan: What’s the deal?

Showdown looms: Speaker Mike Johnson struggling to rally Republican malcontents, dependent on Democratic votes.

Mumbai Cook Votes in India’s Election: When Will Good Days Come?

‘When all the money the politicians promise reaches our bank accounts, that’s when I will believe them,’ she says.

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