Saturday, December 2, 2023


Modi’s India: Getting Close to the Taliban? | TOME

The embassy of the former Afghan government has shuttered in New Delhi amid allegations that India stopped helping it.

Panama Celebrates Court Order Cancelling Mine Despite Business Impact | TOME

For weeks, Panama was shaken by its largest protest movement in decades as residents decried a mining contract.

Palestinian Boy’s Harrowing Account of Israeli Prison Abuse | TOME

Mohammad Salhab Tamimi, 18, was returned to his family on Tuesday as part of an ongoing prisoner exchange deal.

Palestinians in Gaza demand lasting ceasefire as truce extended | TOME

Four-day pause has quietened the skies over Gaza but has shone a light on the suffering of displaced Palestinians.

Saying Goodbye: Hussein Abu Jamei | TOME

Hussein was just 32 when he was killed by an Israeli air raid on Khan Younis. His body was found by his own brother.

Sudan Aid Workers Face ‘Kidnap and Rape’ Risks, Experts Warn | TOME

Aid organisations make urgent call for humanitarian corridors to allow them to do their work safely.

Palestinian Teen’s Release from Israel Anticipated as Loving Parents Await – TOME

In a home in the West Bank, Ubai's family is praying that the Israel-Hamas truce brings him back to them.

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