Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Monster Musume Volume 17 Release Date Revealed!


The latest addition to the Monster Musume series, volume seventeen, has recently been released in Japan. Fans of the series can now follow the daily adventures of Kimihito Kurusu and his unique group of monster girls. However, English-speaking fans will have to wait until August 29, 2023, for the translated version to be released due to unforeseen circumstances.

Despite the delay, fans can still pre-order their copy from various online retailers and join the ever-growing Monster Girl fan community. The seventeenth volume of OKAYADO’s Monster Musume manga includes chapters 69 through 72 of the story, which follows Kimihito Kurusu as he participates in a cultural exchange program between animals of various species by living with a series of monster girls.

In the previous volume, Kimihito and his monster girlfriends spent time at the Sno Ball Hot Spring Resort, where they encountered a variety of female monsters and learned more about the resort’s owner, Yukio. The narrative concluded with Kimihito and his wives soaking in a hot spring, but their plans were interrupted by the kobold club manager Polt, who invited them to her apartment for some games and hangout time.

Although the seventeenth volume is available for free online at, fans may not have access to the latest translation and updates. The paperback edition can be purchased from,, and other online bookstores. Goodreads and Google Books also provide information on the release date, but fans may need to purchase the book first.

In conclusion, fans of Monster Musume can expect more insanity from the monster girls in volume seventeen. While English-speaking fans will have to wait until August 29, 2023, to read the translated version, they can still pre-order their copy and join the growing Monster Girl fan community.

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