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Israel’s Rafah Attack Deemed ‘Catastrophe’ by Egypt FM | TOME


Egypt’s Foreign Minister, Sameh Shoukry, recently issued a warning about the potential risks of Israeli military operations in the Palestinian city of Rafah. During a meeting in Brussels with Josep Borrell, the high representative of the EU for foreign affairs and security policy, Shoukry emphasized the humanitarian impact on over 1.4 million Palestinians and the security implications for regional peace and stability.

The discussions between Shoukry and Borrell focused on the humanitarian, security, and political aspects of the crisis in the Gaza Strip. Shoukry highlighted the crucial role of international parties, such as the EU, in supporting efforts to halt the conflict in Gaza. Both sides stressed the necessity of reaching a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip and halting military operations in Rafah to ensure full and safe access to humanitarian aid for the people in Gaza.

Shoukry called for Israel to remove all obstacles to aid access and open all land crossings between Israel and the Gaza Strip. He reiterated Egypt’s opposition to Israeli control of all crossings in Gaza, stating that it tightens the siege and deprives people in Gaza of essential supplies. Egypt also rejects any attempts to displace Palestinians from their territories or eliminate the Palestinian cause.

During the meeting, Shoukry and Borrell explored the Arab vision and paths of action with the EU to end the conflict by advancing the political path to support the implementation of the two-state solution. Both sides emphasized the need for international legitimacy resolutions to support the establishment of an independent Palestinian state that can coexist peacefully with Israel.

In a separate meeting with British Minister of State for the Middle East and North Africa, Lord (Tariq) Ahmad of Wimbledon, Egyptian and British officials exchanged views on the humanitarian and security conditions in the Gaza Strip. They stressed the importance of reaching a ceasefire in the Strip, swapping hostages and detainees, and ensuring the protection of Palestinian civilians while providing humanitarian aid access to the population.

Shoukry and the British minister affirmed the significance of supporting a political solution based on the two-state solution to address the roots of the crisis. The two sides agreed to continue consultation and coordination to curb the humanitarian crisis in Gaza and explore means to provide necessary support to the Palestinian Authority while preventing the deterioration of the situation in the West Bank.

Overall, Egypt is actively engaging with international partners to address the crisis in Gaza and advocate for a peaceful resolution that respects the rights and needs of all parties involved. The calls for a ceasefire, humanitarian aid access, and political solutions underscore the urgency of finding a sustainable path forward for lasting peace in the region.

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