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Israeli Withdraws from Raid on Shifa Hospital: Conflicting Accounts from Military and Witnesses | TOME


The recent Israeli military raid on Gaza’s largest hospital, Shifa, has left the facility in ruins, sparking controversy and conflicting reports about the impact on civilians and patients. Despite Israel claiming victory in its battle against Hamas militants and stating that no civilians were harmed during the raid, accounts from the World Health Organization and witnesses on the ground paint a different picture.

Civilian Casualties and Conditions Inside Shifa:
Israel reported that its forces killed 200 militants during the two-week raid on Shifa, providing food, water, and medicine to the 6,000 Palestinians sheltering inside. However, the World Health Organization Director-General revealed that 21 patients died inside the hospital, with 107 patients left in critical condition due to a lack of medical care and supplies. Unsustainable conditions, including a shortage of water and the spread of contagious diseases, have raised concerns about the well-being of those trapped inside.

Detentions and Brutality:
While Israel claimed to have arrested 900 suspected militants, reports from the Gaza Health Ministry and Al Jazeera suggest that medical workers and journalists were among those detained and mistreated by Israeli forces. Allegations of handcuffing, blindfolding, and stripping individuals for hours have raised questions about the treatment of detainees during the raid.

End of the Raid and Destruction:
As the raid concluded, Israeli forces retreated from Shifa, leaving behind a devastated hospital compound. Two Israeli soldiers were killed and eight injured during the operation. The destruction of Shifa’s emergency ward and major hospital facilities has been acknowledged by the military, with Hamas claiming to have targeted Israeli forces with artillery as they withdrew from the compound.

Targeting Shifa Hospital:
Israel’s decision to target Shifa for a second time has sparked debate over the legality and justification of attacking a medical facility. While Israel claims that Shifa served as a central command center for Hamas, critics argue that evidence supporting this claim has been insufficient. The military’s admission that intelligence was flawed and that militants regrouped inside the hospital raises questions about the strategic planning and execution of the raid.

In conclusion, the Israeli military raid on Shifa Hospital has raised concerns about civilian casualties, detainee treatment, and the targeting of medical facilities in conflict zones. The conflicting reports from Israel, international organizations, and witnesses highlight the complexities of warfare in densely populated areas like Gaza. As investigations continue into the aftermath of the raid, it is essential to prioritize the protection of civilians and uphold international humanitarian law to prevent further harm in conflict-affected regions.

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