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Horror Movies Like Hereditary for Your Scary Fix!

Hereditary premiered in theatres in 2018, and almost immediately became widely regarded as the scariest horror film ever made. Indeed, the Toni Collette-led picture cannot be called the eeriest ever because everyone has different phobias. A horrific plot, excellent direction, and superb acting all contribute to the film’s status as a classic of the horror […]

10 High-Stakes Drama Movies Similar to Wolf of Wall Street

The Wolf of Wall Street, Martin Scorsese’s controversial & enormously popular film, is a nerve-wracking watch. It’s based on the autobiography of Jordan Belfort, a convicted stockbroker & financial criminal whose book is more than 500 pages long. After admitting guilt for his role in a series of fraudulent & money-laundering activities, he served 22 […]

Movies Similar to Pride and Prejudice That Will Rekindle Your Love!

The classic by Jane Austen, “Pride and Prejudice,” seems to have been adapted a gazillion times. The first Bridget Jones’s Diary film was only a loose adaptation of the novel. There have been many adaptations of Pride and Prejudice since the initial film version in 1938, but if you loved that one and can’t get […]

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