Saturday, April 20, 2024


Banking as a Muslim in America: A Nightmare

Closed accounts, denied transactions and investigations - Muslims face banking bias like no other faith group in the US.

Green Transition: Eastern Europe Must Catch Up

Doing so could be costly and dangerous for its future development.

Time for a Food Revolution for Climate Justice

Climate finance and innovation need to focus on agriculture - now - if the planet is to withstand global warming.

“Taliban’s Intra-Afghan Dialogue: With Whom?”

Inclusivity is important, but more important is not to bring back corrupt officials from the previous government.

“Warfare’s Use of Rape Against Asylum Seekers”

Disturbing reports of sexual assault in the Darién Gap reveal yet another horrifying aspect of border warfare.

Afghan Women Deserve Nobel Peace Prize

Under the Taliban regime, Afghan women are facing growing hostility and restrictions, but they continue to resist.

Jeffrey Marsh: Trans Rights and Parent Concerns Both Matter

While trans rights must be upheld, parents and feminists worried about their children must be heard.

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