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“Brian Eno and Ha-Joon Chang on the Deadly Impact of Freedom”


Brian Eno and Ha-Joon Chang: A Conversation on Creativity and a Fairer Society

In a 49-minute and 33-second video, musical innovator and artist Brian Eno and award-winning author and economist Ha-Joon Chang discuss the dangers of accepting the status quo and the creative tools that can be used to build a fairer society. The two experts come together on this episode of Studio B Unscripted to share their insights on a range of topics, including climate change, artificial intelligence, taste buds, and creativity.

Eno, who co-founded EarthPercent, has dedicated his artistry and activism to finding creative techniques for tackling climate change. He believes that the music industry and other sectors can play a crucial role in addressing this global challenge. Chang, on the other hand, has made a name for himself by challenging mainstream economic myths in his best-selling books, such as Kicking Away the Ladder and Bad Samaritans. In his latest book, Edible Economics, he explores the economics of food, one ingredient at a time.

Throughout their conversation, Eno and Chang offer insightful critiques of the status quo and provide compelling arguments for building a fairer society. They discuss the need for creativity in addressing complex challenges like climate change and economic inequality. They also explore the role of taste buds in shaping our preferences and how artificial intelligence can be used to enhance our decision-making processes.

Eno argues that the music industry can be a powerful force for change when it comes to climate action. He believes that musicians have a unique ability to reach audiences and inspire them to take action. He also suggests that the industry itself can become more sustainable by adopting new technologies and practices that reduce its carbon footprint.

Chang, meanwhile, takes aim at mainstream economic theories that he believes have contributed to rising inequality and economic instability. He argues that many of these theories are based on flawed assumptions and fail to account for the real-world complexities of economic systems. He also highlights the importance of government intervention in creating a fairer society, citing examples from history where such interventions have been successful.

The conversation between Eno and Chang is wide-ranging and thought-provoking. They touch on topics as diverse as the role of art in social change, the challenges of communicating complex ideas to the public, and the need for interdisciplinary collaboration in tackling global challenges. Throughout, they emphasize the importance of creativity and imagination in building a better world.

Eno and Chang’s conversation is a powerful reminder that we cannot simply accept the status quo. To build a fairer society, we need to be willing to challenge existing assumptions and explore new ideas. We need to be creative and imaginative in our approach to complex challenges like climate change and economic inequality. And we need to work together across disciplines and sectors to build a better future for all.

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