Tuesday, October 31, 2023

82-Year-Old Female Architect Flooding-Proofing Pakistan


Yasmeen Lari, Pakistan’s first female architect, is leading the way in fortifying rural communities in Pakistan against the effects of climate change. Lari has developed pioneering flood-proof bamboo houses, which have already saved families from catastrophic monsoon flooding. The architect is campaigning to scale up the project to one million houses made from affordable local materials, bringing new jobs to the most vulnerable areas. Climate change is making monsoon rains heavier and more unpredictable, raising the urgency to flood-proof the country. Lari’s mud huts require only locally available materials and can be assembled at a cost of about $170. Her work has been recognised by the Royal Institute of British Architects, which awarded her the 2023 Royal Gold Medal for her dedication to using architecture to change people’s lives.

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