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Yemen Houthi Rebels Launch Missile at US Warship | TOME


Yemen’s Houthi Rebels Target US and UK Warships in Escalating Maritime Attacks

Yemen’s Houthi rebels have intensified their aggressive attacks on maritime traffic in the Gulf of Aden, targeting a US warship and a British vessel. The US Navy’s destroyer USS Carney was forced to shoot down a missile fired by the Houthis, while a British vessel was struck by another missile, setting it ablaze. In response, US forces conducted a strike against a Houthi anti-ship missile aimed at the Red Sea. The attack on the USS Carney is the first time the Houthis have directly targeted a US warship since their assaults on shipping began in October. The Houthis have also claimed responsibility for attacking a commercial vessel, the Marshall Islands-flagged tanker Marlin Luanda.

Escalation of Houthi Attacks

The recent attacks on US and UK warships mark an escalation in the Houthis’ campaign in the Red Sea. The US has been cautious in its response, trying to prevent the conflict from turning into a wider regional war. However, the attacks have emboldened the Houthis, who have now started targeting American and British ships. The US and its allies had refrained from striking Houthi weapons sites in Yemen for weeks but are now taking regular action to destroy launch sites deemed an imminent threat.

US Warship Successfully Defends Itself

The USS Carney, an Arleigh-Burke class destroyer, successfully shot down the anti-ship ballistic missile fired by the Houthis. There were no reported injuries or damage to the warship. The US military’s Central Command confirmed that the missile was fired “toward” the Carney. This direct attack on a US warship is significant as it highlights the Houthis’ intent to harm American forces.

Houthi Attacks Disrupt Global Trade

The Houthi rebels have been targeting ships traveling through the Red Sea and surrounding waters since November. Their attacks have disrupted global trade, particularly during Israel’s war on Hamas in the Gaza Strip. The US and Britain have responded with multiple rounds of airstrikes, targeting Houthi missile depots and launcher sites in Yemen. However, the rebels have frequently targeted vessels with tenuous or no clear links to Israel, endangering shipping in a crucial route for global trade.

Worst Attacks Since the 1980s

The Houthi attacks on maritime traffic have been described as the worst since the Tanker War of the 1980s. This period saw a one-day naval battle between the US and Iran, as well as the accidental shooting down of an Iranian passenger jet by the US Navy, resulting in the deaths of 290 people. The US Navy’s top Mideast commander has expressed concern over the escalating attacks by the Houthis.


The Houthi rebels’ aggressive attacks on maritime traffic in the Gulf of Aden have reached a new level with their direct targeting of US and UK warships. The recent attack on the USS Carney and the British vessel has prompted a response from US forces, who conducted a strike against a Houthi anti-ship missile. These attacks have disrupted global trade and raised concerns about the potential for a wider regional war. The US and its allies are now taking regular action to destroy Houthi launch sites deemed a threat. The situation remains tense as the Houthis continue to escalate their campaign in the Red Sea.

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