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World Theatre Day: Celebrating the Art of Theatre

Theatre is a form of art that has been around for centuries. It is a place where actors and actresses use their skills to put on live shows that convey a message to the audience through actions, words, music, dance, or song. Theatre is a popular way to showcase culture, and it is celebrated all over the world on March 27 as World Theatre Day.

Why Do We Celebrate World Theatre Day?

World Theatre Day is celebrated to bring attention to the importance of theatre arts. It is a time to recognize the value of artists in the entertainment industry and how theatre can change the way people live. Theatre is a mix of many different types of fine art, and it is made up of performances by actors and actresses in front of a live audience.

Theatre has been a part of our political, educational, and social lives for a long time. It is a great place to share ideas and beliefs with the public. World Theatre Day is a day set aside to celebrate this art form and its impact on society.

Why March 27?

The International Theater Institute (ITI) started World Theatre Day in 1961 to raise awareness about the value and importance of theatre. The date was chosen because it is the anniversary of the opening of the Théâtre des Nations in Paris in 1961. The ITI holds a conference on this day where a well-known theatre performer gives a speech to the community.

The first message was translated into 50 different languages and printed in hundreds of newspapers. Since then, it has been done every year. ITI has more than 85 centers all over the world now. It also encourages colleges, schools, and theatre professionals to celebrate this day with joy every year.

The History Behind Celebrating World Theatre Day

Theatre has been a popular form of art and entertainment since ancient Greece. It thrills and amazes the people who watch it. Theatre not only entertains and teaches, but it also combines different kinds of art to give live audiences something they can’t get anywhere else: a real stage experience.

World Theatre Day is supported by theatre communities all over the world and promoted by the ITI through its centers. ITI started the day after President Arvi Kivimaa proposed it at the ninth World Congress of the ITI in Vienna in June 1961 on behalf of the ITI’s Finnish Center. The ITI centers in Scandinavia liked the idea and were excited to spread the word about it.

The next year, on March 27, 1962, ITI centers, ITI Cooperating Members, theatre professionals, and theatre groups all celebrated World Theatre Day. Today, the day is celebrated in 90+ ITI centers around the world, as well as by schools, universities, academies, and theatre fans from all over the world.

How Is World Theatre Day Celebrated?

Every year, different events are set up to celebrate World Theatre Day. The World Theatre Day International Message, which is given by a famous artist and talks about the history of theatre and a culture of peace in the world today, is one of the most important parts of these annual events.

In 1962, French poet and playwright Jean Cocteau wrote the first World Theatre Day International Message. Helen Mirren, a British actress who has won many awards and is known for winning the Academy Award in 2007 for her role in “The Queen,” wrote the Message of the World Theatre Day in 2021.

World Theatre Day is celebrated in many different ways around the world. Some theatres offer free performances or discounts on tickets. Others hold workshops or seminars for aspiring actors and actresses. Some communities organize parades or festivals to celebrate theatre arts.


World Theatre Day is an important day that celebrates the art of theatre and its impact on society. It is a time to recognize the value of artists in the entertainment industry and how theatre can change the way people live. Whether you are an actor or actress, a theatre professional, or just a fan of theatre arts, World Theatre Day is a day to celebrate this unique form of art that has been entertaining and inspiring people for centuries.

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