Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Turkish President Erdogan: Turkey May Leave EU if Needed | TOME


Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan has warned that Turkey could “part ways” with the European Union (EU) if necessary. This statement comes in response to a recent report adopted by the European Parliament, which stated that Turkey’s accession process with the EU cannot resume under current circumstances. Erdogan’s comments highlight the growing tensions between Turkey and the EU, as accession talks have stalled in recent years.

The report, which was adopted earlier this week, called for the EU to explore “a parallel and realistic framework” for its ties with Turkey. This suggests that the EU is looking for alternative ways to engage with Turkey, rather than continuing with the formal accession process. The report cited concerns about human rights violations and respect for the rule of law as reasons for the stalled accession talks.

Turkey has been an official candidate to join the EU for 24 years, but progress has been slow. The EU has raised concerns about Turkey’s record on human rights, including freedom of speech and press freedom. There have also been concerns about the independence of the judiciary and the treatment of minorities in Turkey. These issues have hindered progress in the accession talks and have led to a strained relationship between Turkey and the EU.

President Erdogan’s comments reflect his frustration with the EU’s stance on Turkey. He accused the EU of trying to “break away” from Turkey and stated that Turkey will evaluate its relationship with the EU in light of these developments. Erdogan’s warning suggests that Turkey may consider alternative alliances or partnerships if its relationship with the EU continues to deteriorate.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry has also criticized the European Parliament report, stating that it contains unfounded allegations and prejudices. The ministry described the report as taking a “shallow and non-visionary” approach to Turkey’s ties with the EU. This response highlights the growing divide between Turkey and the EU and suggests that tensions are unlikely to ease in the near future.

The strained relationship between Turkey and the EU has broader implications for regional stability and cooperation. Turkey is a key player in the Middle East and has been involved in various conflicts and crises in the region. Its relationship with the EU is important for addressing these challenges and promoting stability in the region.

The EU has been a major source of economic and political support for Turkey, and any rupture in this relationship could have significant consequences. It could impact trade and investment between Turkey and the EU, as well as cooperation on issues such as migration and security.

In conclusion, President Erdogan’s warning that Turkey could “part ways” with the EU reflects the growing tensions between the two sides. The stalled accession talks and concerns about human rights have strained the relationship, and Erdogan’s comments suggest that Turkey is considering alternative options. The EU’s response to the report and its future approach to Turkey will be crucial in determining the future of their relationship.

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