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“Warfare’s Use of Rape Against Asylum Seekers”

Disturbing reports of sexual assault in the Darién Gap reveal yet another horrifying aspect of border warfare.

Braverman to Discuss Migration Deal in Rwanda

Several lawsuits have been filed to stop the conservative government from acting on a deportation agreement with Rwanda.

Kindness Matters at Europe’s Hostile Borders

We should recognise and praise the few border security officers who offer a helping hand to asylum seekers.

UK’s Channel Crossing Plan Pushes Legal Limits

The UK is unveiling details of proposed law, which has been heavily criticised by refugee rights groups.

Sub-Saharan Africans Eager to Flee Tunisia Following Attacks

Advocacy groups have documented an increase in attacks against sub-Saharan Africans in Tunisia.

Middle East Talks, Then ‘Pogrom’ in Palestine

Here's a round-up of Al Jazeera's Middle East coverage this week.

Child Migrates to Chile for Healthcare

Waves of Venezuelan refugees and migrants are arriving in Chile, attracted by political and economic stability.


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