Saturday, October 28, 2023

NEOM Aims to Preserve Natural Environment with Ambitious Target


NEOM, a project in Saudi Arabia aimed at promoting sustainable living and protecting the environment, has pledged to allocate 95% of its total area for preservation. As part of this effort, NEOM will develop a facility in Al-Asilah to preserve the Arabian oryx, the Arabian sand gazelle, the mountain gazelle, and the ibex. The reserve will be home to one of the biggest wildlife restoration programs in the world and will allow visitors to learn about NEOM’s programs for the development and rehabilitation of vegetation and wildlife. The announcement was made at the second Tabuk Forum, which was organized by NEOM.

NEOM officials highlighted various programs it is currently undertaking in different areas such as social responsibility, sports, tourism, media, career guidance management, human resources, contracts and purchases, hospitality, education, and scholarships. Saudi Arabia is expanding its ambitions through projects such as The Line in NEOM, a zero-car environment that is part of a 100% sustainable transport system.

The Line will be 200 meters wide, 170 km long, and rise 500 meters above sea level. It will contribute to conserving 95% of NEOM’s land and support environmental sustainability. Its design is based on a new concept of zero-gravity urbanism, which layers city functions vertically while enabling inhabitants to move seamlessly in the city in three directions — up, down, and across — offering quick access to offices, schools, parks, and residential facilities.

The Line’s unique modular design ensures that all facilities and amenities can be accessed within a five-minute walk. Using an innovative design that requires minimal space and less water, hydroponics gardens will grow fruit, vegetables, and flowers in half the time of traditional agriculture methods. NEOM has several ongoing megaprojects, including Trojena, a year-round winter sports complex designed by Iraqi British architect Zaha Hadid, and Sindalah Island, a luxury tourist destination.

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