Monday, November 20, 2023

Jordan’s Crown Prince Delivers Second Field Hospital to Gaza | TOME


Jordan’s Crown Prince Al Hussein bin Abdullah has arrived in Egypt to oversee the delivery of a second field hospital to Gaza. The hospital will be constructed in Khan Yunis, a region in the southwest of the Gaza Strip that has experienced significant displacement due to Israel’s bombing campaign. The crown prince expressed his commitment to supporting the people of Gaza and Palestine, stating that it is the least they can do to help their brothers in need.

The Jordanian Royal Medical Services has already increased its medical aid and capacity in Gaza, and the new hospital is expected to be staffed by 180 doctors and nurses. This additional facility is crucial as 25 out of Gaza’s 35 hospitals have become inoperable due to the ongoing bombings by Israel. The situation has placed immense strain on the healthcare system, leaving many Palestinians without access to essential medical services.

Unfortunately, even the existing field hospital in Al-Hawa, central Gaza, has faced challenges. Seven workers were injured while treating Palestinians who were hurt in the bombing of a nearby mosque. Despite these difficulties, Jordan remains committed to providing medical and relief aid to Gaza. The country has already sent six planes carrying supplies through El-Arish International Airport in Egypt.

In addition to the field hospital in Gaza, Jordan has also established a separate facility in Nablus, located in the West Bank. This region has also been heavily affected by Israeli forces, with over 210 Palestinians killed and 2,800 injured. The Nablus field hospital is equipped with two operating rooms, two intensive care rooms, a laboratory, pharmacy, radiology department, and a dental clinic. This comprehensive setup ensures that a wide range of medical needs can be addressed effectively.

The efforts of Jordan to provide medical assistance to Gaza and the West Bank are commendable. The country has shown immense solidarity with the Palestinian people during this challenging time. By increasing its medical aid and capacity, Jordan is helping to alleviate some of the burdens faced by the healthcare system in these regions.

The provision of field hospitals is particularly crucial as it allows for the treatment of a large number of patients in a dedicated medical facility. These hospitals are equipped with the necessary resources and personnel to handle complex medical cases, ensuring that individuals receive the care they urgently need. The presence of field hospitals also helps to alleviate pressure on existing healthcare facilities that may be overwhelmed by the influx of patients.

The international community must also play its part in supporting Gaza and the West Bank. The ongoing conflict has resulted in significant humanitarian crises, with many innocent civilians suffering the consequences. It is essential for countries around the world to provide both financial and medical assistance to help address the urgent needs of the affected populations.

In conclusion, Jordan’s Crown Prince Al Hussein bin Abdullah’s visit to Egypt to oversee the delivery of a second field hospital to Gaza demonstrates the country’s commitment to supporting the Palestinian people. The provision of medical aid and capacity is crucial in addressing the healthcare challenges faced by Gaza and the West Bank. The international community must also step up its efforts to provide assistance and support to alleviate the humanitarian crisis in these regions.

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