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Iraq and Spain Discuss Possible Military Cooperation Agreement

Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani announced on Thursday that Iraq and Spain have been engaged in talks about a potential military cooperation agreement. The announcement came after a meeting between Al-Sudani and Spanish Defense Minister Margarita Robles. The discussion of such an agreement had previously taken place when Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez visited Baghdad in December.

Spain’s Role in NATO Mission in Iraq

During the meeting, Al-Sudani highlighted Spain’s significant role in NATO’s mission in Iraq. However, he also emphasized his government’s intention to conclude the activities of international coalition forces in the country. This decision would be made once the counterterrorism capabilities of local security forces have sufficiently developed to handle threats, particularly those posed by the remnants of Daesh.

Spain’s Support for Iraq

Al-Sudani commended Spain for its stance on the conflict between Hamas and Israel in Gaza. He also expressed appreciation for Spain’s support in efforts to prevent the genocide of Palestinians. This acknowledgment underscores the positive relationship between Iraq and Spain, as well as their shared commitment to promoting peace and stability in the region.

Spain’s Commitment to Cooperation

Spanish Defense Minister Margarita Robles reaffirmed her country’s commitment to cooperation with Iraq. She emphasized the importance of respecting Iraq’s decisions regarding the presence of international coalition forces in the country. Additionally, she expressed Spain’s continued support for the Iraqi Defense Ministry.

Spanish Forces in Iraq

Currently, there are 367 Spanish soldiers deployed in Iraq as part of NATO forces and the global coalition against Daesh. These soldiers play a crucial role in supporting Iraq’s security efforts and combating terrorism. Their presence demonstrates Spain’s dedication to contributing to international peacekeeping initiatives and ensuring the stability of the region.

The Importance of a Military Cooperation Agreement

A potential military cooperation agreement between Iraq and Spain holds significant benefits for both countries. Such an agreement would enhance their ability to collaborate on security matters, intelligence sharing, and joint military exercises. It would also facilitate the exchange of expertise and training opportunities, enabling both nations to strengthen their defense capabilities.

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The ongoing talks between Iraq and Spain regarding a potential military cooperation agreement highlight the strong bilateral relationship between the two countries. Spain’s role in NATO’s mission in Iraq and its support for Iraq’s security efforts demonstrate their commitment to promoting peace and stability in the region. As both nations continue to work towards concluding the activities of international coalition forces in Iraq, a formal agreement would further enhance their collaboration on security matters and defense capabilities.

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