Friday, October 27, 2023

Impact of US-China Tensions on EU-China Trade


The duration of the video is 27 minutes and 53 seconds, or 27:53. Recently, the United States has been attempting to put more pressure on Beijing. However, China has rejected a statement made by the Group of Seven (G7) leaders that outlined a shared approach towards Beijing. The statement aimed to “de-risk, not decouple” economic engagement while also addressing China’s human rights record and territorial claims. The Chinese foreign ministry has expressed firm opposition to the G7 joint statement and has filed a complaint with summit organiser Japan. The United States has been increasing pressure on Beijing as its military and foreign relations with the European Union become closer amidst the Russia-Ukraine war. This raises questions about the trade ties between the US’s European allies and Beijing. Tom McRae hosts the discussion with guests Einar Tangen, China senior fellow at the Tiehe Institute think-tank, Vicky Pryce, Chief economic adviser at the Centre for Economics and Business Research, and Steven Erlanger, Chief diplomatic correspondent for Europe at the New York Times.

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