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Gazans Seek Warm Clothes as Cold Weather Approaches | TOME


Life in Gaza: The Struggle for Warmth and Clothing

The residents of Gaza have been facing immense challenges in their daily lives, with the recent conflict exacerbating an already dire situation. As winter approaches, the need for warm clothing becomes even more critical. Families like Khulud Jarboueh’s are struggling to provide their children with adequate clothing to protect them from the cold.

Fleeing from their home in the northern Gaza Strip, Khulud and her children left with only the clothes on their backs. Now, they find themselves in desperate need of warm clothing as the rain and bitter cold set in. Seeking assistance, Khulud visits a second-hand clothes stall outside a school run by the UN agency for Palestinian refugees (UNRWA) in Rafah.

The situation in Gaza has been dire even before the recent conflict. The blockade imposed by Israel since 2007 has severely impacted the economy, leaving the majority of Gazans dependent on international aid. Unemployment rates were already high at 45 percent, and now, with the destruction caused by the war, poverty is expected to worsen.

The UN estimates that all 2.4 million people in Gaza are currently experiencing hunger, and 1.65 million have been displaced by the conflict. With nearly half of the houses destroyed or damaged, the need for warm clothing becomes even more urgent.

For families like Khulud’s, buying second-hand clothes has become a necessity. She expresses her concern about the potential germs on these clothes but acknowledges that she has no other choice. The lack of water for bathing and doing laundry further compounds the difficulties faced by families in Gaza.

At the second-hand clothes stall, hundreds of Palestinians search for items to keep them warm. Farmer Walid Sbeh, who has been uprooted from his land, camps at the UNRWA school with his wife and 13 children. He laments the fact that he cannot afford to buy warm clothing for his children, who are still wearing their summer clothes.

The impact of the conflict on the availability of winter wear is evident. Adel Harzallah, who runs a clothes shop, reveals that his stock of winter pyjamas sold out within two days. The war disrupted the arrival of winter wear, which was supposed to come across the border. Now, essential goods like clothing, food, drinking water, and fuel are stuck in containers, only to be released at exorbitant prices.

The struggle for warm clothing is a daily reality for many families in Gaza. With limited resources and the high cost of living, purchasing warm clothing becomes a luxury that many cannot afford. Abdelnasser Abu Dia, a resident of Gaza, shares his own experience of having only the clothes he fled in for a month. He expresses gratitude for the sportswear jackets someone gave him and his children, which they have been wearing non-stop to stay warm.

The situation in Gaza is a humanitarian crisis that requires urgent attention and support from the international community. Providing warm clothing and essential supplies to the residents of Gaza is crucial in alleviating their suffering during these challenging times.

As winter sets in, it is imperative that organizations and individuals come together to provide assistance to those in need. Donations of warm clothing, blankets, and other essential items can make a significant difference in the lives of families like Khulud’s and Walid’s.

The people of Gaza deserve to live with dignity and have access to basic necessities like warm clothing. It is our collective responsibility to stand in solidarity with them and support their journey towards a better future.

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