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Erdogan in talks with Hamas leader amid controversies | TOME


The recent meeting between Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh in Istanbul has sparked debate over Turkiye’s role in mediating the Palestinian cause. This meeting comes at a crucial time as Erdogan seeks to reposition himself as a defender of the Palestinian people following his recent electoral defeat.

Turkiye’s stance on Hamas differs from that of the West, as it does not consider the organization a terrorist group. Erdogan has been vocal in his criticism of Israel’s military operations in Gaza, describing them as genocide. The country has also provided humanitarian aid to Gaza and facilitated medical treatment for Palestinians in Turkish hospitals.

Despite Erdogan’s close relationship with Haniyeh, his government has faced criticism domestically for maintaining economic ties with Israel. The AKP’s Islamist rival, the YRP, highlighted this issue during the recent local elections, accusing Erdogan of applying double standards by criticizing Israel while continuing trade relations with the country.

In response to public outcry, the Turkish Trade Ministry imposed restrictions on exports to Israel, including cement, steel, machinery, and construction materials. These restrictions are expected to remain in place until Israel declares a ceasefire in Gaza.

Erdogan’s comparison of Hamas to Turkish independence fighters has further fueled tensions with Western capitals, including Washington. His upcoming visit to the US in May is expected to address the Palestinian cause, but Erdogan’s alignment with Hamas may hinder potential mediation efforts between Palestine and Israel.

The fate of hostages held by Hamas since October remains a concern for Turkish mediation efforts. Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan’s recent visit to Qatar and meetings with Haniyeh and Qatari officials indicate Turkiye’s commitment to resolving the conflict in Gaza through diplomatic means.

While Erdogan’s outreach to Hamas may appease domestic audiences, it risks alienating Western allies and reinforcing the perception that Turkiye is no longer aligned with the West. Despite these challenges, Erdogan remains cautious about revealing details of his meeting with Haniyeh, emphasizing the importance of keeping the agenda private.

Overall, Turkiye’s efforts to mediate the Palestinian cause reflect its commitment to supporting the Palestinian people in their struggle for independence. However, navigating the complex dynamics of the conflict while balancing domestic and international interests will require careful diplomacy and strategic decision-making on the part of the Turkish government.

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