Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Cricket Rules Need Change: Unleash Bowlers, Scrap Umpire’s Call | TOME


Cricket is a sport that has been played for centuries and has evolved over time with various rules and regulations. However, there are certain rules that have been a subject of debate and controversy. Al Jazeera, a renowned media organization, has recently suggested five rules that they believe should be done away with in cricket. These rules include free hits, umpire’s calls, and over limits. Let’s take a closer look at each of these rules and the arguments for their elimination.

1. Free hits: One of the rules that Al Jazeera believes should be abolished is the concept of free hits. In cricket, a free hit is awarded to the batsman if the bowler delivers a no-ball by overstepping the crease. During a free hit, the batsman cannot be dismissed by any means other than a run-out. Al Jazeera argues that this rule takes away the excitement and competitiveness of the game, as it gives an unfair advantage to the batsman. Eliminating free hits would bring back the balance between bat and ball and make the game more thrilling.

2. Umpire’s calls: Another rule that Al Jazeera suggests doing away with is the umpire’s call. Umpire’s call refers to the situation where the on-field umpire’s decision is upheld by the third umpire based on inconclusive evidence. Al Jazeera argues that this rule leads to inconsistency and confusion, as similar incidents can be interpreted differently by different umpires. By eliminating umpire’s calls, the decision-making process would become more transparent and fair, ensuring a level playing field for all teams.

3. Over limits: Al Jazeera also believes that over limits should be removed from cricket. Currently, in limited-overs cricket, there are restrictions on the number of overs a bowler can bowl in a match. Al Jazeera argues that this rule hampers the development of young bowlers and limits their opportunities to showcase their skills. By removing over limits, teams would have the freedom to utilize their bowlers as per their strategy, leading to more exciting and competitive matches.

4. Slow over-rate penalties: The fourth rule that Al Jazeera suggests should be done away with is the slow over-rate penalties. In cricket, if a team fails to bowl the required number of overs within the stipulated time, they are penalized with a deduction of runs. Al Jazeera argues that this rule puts unnecessary pressure on the bowlers and disrupts the flow of the game. Removing slow over-rate penalties would allow teams to focus on their gameplay rather than worrying about the time constraints, resulting in a more natural and enjoyable cricketing experience.

5. Leg byes: The final rule that Al Jazeera believes should be abolished is leg byes. Leg byes are runs scored by the batting team when the ball hits the batsman’s body or equipment and not the bat, but still results in a run being taken. Al Jazeera argues that leg byes often lead to unfair runs being awarded, as the batsman has no control over where the ball hits them. Eliminating leg byes would ensure that runs are only awarded when the batsman plays a shot, making the game more fair and rewarding skillful batting.

In conclusion, Al Jazeera has suggested five rules that they believe should be done away with in cricket. These rules include free hits, umpire’s calls, over limits, slow over-rate penalties, and leg byes. While these rules have been a part of cricket for a long time, Al Jazeera argues that their elimination would make the game more balanced, fair, and exciting. It remains to be seen whether these suggestions will be considered by cricket authorities, but they certainly spark an interesting debate about the future of the sport.

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