Sunday, October 1, 2023


US House Passes Stopgap Measure to Avoid Govt Shutdown | TOME

The House voted 335-91 to fund the government for another 45 days, with more Democrats than Republicans supporting it.

Four Officials Arrested Following Libya Flood Disaster

BENGHAZI: Libya’s prosecutor general has ordered the arrest of four more officials, bringing to 12 the number held as part of an inquiry into this month’s flood that killed thousands. Flooding caused by hurricane-strength Storm Daniel tore through eastern Libya on Sept. 10, leaving at least 3,893 people dead and thousands more missing. The seaside city of Derna was the worst-hit in the flash flood, which witnesses likened to a tsunami. It burst through two dams and washed entire neighborhoods into the Mediterranean.

NYC Subway Paralyzed as Flash Flooding Hits

Torrential downpours trigger flooding, disrupting subway service as authorities declare a state of emergency.

Kosovo PM Accuses Belgrade of Inciting Violence: Vucic Allegedly Seeks War

Kosovo leader Albin Kurti alleges Serbian president aims to instigate a conflict with Kosovo; Vucic denies accusation.

UN Security Council condemns Houthi attack on Bahraini troops, calls for terrorism to cease

NEW YORK CITY: The UN Security Council on Friday strongly condemned what it described as an “egregious and escalatory drone attack,” by the Houthis on Bahraini soldiers serving in the Coalition to Restore Legitimacy in Yemen, in which three servicemen were killed and several injured. It constituted a “serious threat to the peace process and regional stability,” the council added.

Slovaks Choose Between Pro-Russian Ex-PM and Pro-Western Liberals

Voting begins in a closely contested election with support for Ukraine's defence against Russia's invasion a key issue.

Maldives Run-off Election: India Ties and Democracy at Stake | TOME

Voters in the Maldives choose their next president in a run-off election closely watched by China and India.

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