Friday, September 29, 2023


Lebanese Army Exchanges Smoke-Bomb Fire with Israel

BEIRUT: Lebanon’s army said on Wednesday it had exchanged smoke bombs with Israeli troops at the border, the second such incident in a week. The Lebanese army, in an online statement, said Israeli troops had fired smoke bombs at a Lebanese patrol that was accompanying workers removing “infringements” that the army said had been set up by the Israelis north of the Blue Line.

Hollywood Writers Return to Work: What’s in the New Labor Deal?

Supporters hail agreement to end strike as a victory, with commitments on pay, residuals and artificial intelligence.

Lahaina Family Discovers Devastation in Initial Home Visit Post-Deadly Wildfire | TOME

Vierra family are among first group of Lahaina residents able to return home after blazes swept across Hawaiian island.

US to Include Israel in Visa Waiver Program | TOME

WASHINGTON: The Biden administration is set to announce on Wednesday that it will admit Israel into the United States Visa Waiver Program (VWP), allowing visa-free entry by Israeli citizens from Nov. 30, officials said. The decision, which Israel’s Foreign Ministry said on Monday was expected, is a win for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s religious-nationalist government, whose relations with Washington have been strained over its judiciary overhaul plan and its policies toward the Palestinians.

UN warns of ‘humanitarian catastrophe’ in nuclear arms race

Guterres says world is plunging into a new nuclear arms race as North Korea says US is pushing it to the brink of war.

Baghdad’s Al-Rasheed Hotel Fire Put Out; Occupants Return to Rooms – Official

BAGHDAD: A small fire that led to guests and diplomatic personnel being evacuated from Baghdad’s Al-Rasheed hotel has been brought under control, an official at the hotel told Reuters via phone early on Wednesday. The hotel houses several envoys from Gulf states. The small fire occurred in kitchen, and an official described the evacuation as a routine precautionary measure, saying guests had safely returned to their rooms. The hotel is in Iraq’s highly fortified Green Zone which hosts parliament, many government buildings and foreign embassies.

US Teens Loot Philadelphia Shops in Flash Mob-Style Raids | TOME

Upwards of 20 mostly young people arrested following raids on Apple, Lululemon and Foot Locker shops in US city.

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