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UAE FM and EU Envoy Discuss Cooperation


UAE’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Meets with EU Special Representative for the Gulf Region

The UAE’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al-Nahyan, recently met with the EU Special Representative for the Gulf region, Luigi Di Maio. The meeting aimed to strengthen the friendly relations between the UAE and EU countries and explore opportunities for cooperation in various sectors.

Boosting Cooperation in Multiple Sectors

During the meeting, Sheikh Abdullah and Di Maio discussed ways to enhance cooperation in several sectors, including economics, trade, investment, energy, and climate. Both parties recognized the importance of collaboration in these areas and expressed their commitment to further deepen their ties.

Preparations for UN’s Climate Change Conference

One of the key topics of discussion was the UAE’s preparations to host the United Nations’ Climate Change Conference (COP28). The conference, scheduled to begin on November 30 in Expo City Dubai, is expected to be a significant event in global climate action. Sheikh Abdullah and Di Maio discussed the importance of this conference and the role it will play in creating a qualitative shift in addressing climate change.

UAE-European Cooperation on Climate Data

In addition to COP28, the officials also highlighted the importance of UAE-European cooperation on climate data. Sharing accurate and reliable climate data is crucial for effective decision-making and policy formulation. The UAE and EU countries expressed their commitment to working together in this area to contribute to global efforts in combating climate change.

Distinguished Relations between UAE and EU

Di Maio praised the distinguished relations between the UAE and EU countries. These relations have been built on mutual respect, shared interests, and a commitment to promoting peace and stability in the region. The meeting provided an opportunity to further strengthen these ties and explore new avenues for collaboration.

Discussion on Current Regional and Global Events

In addition to bilateral matters, Sheikh Abdullah and Di Maio also discussed current regional and global events. The Gulf region is witnessing significant developments, and it is essential for key stakeholders to engage in dialogue and exchange views on these matters. The meeting allowed both parties to exchange perspectives and stay updated on the latest developments.

EU’s Special Envoy for the Gulf Region

Luigi Di Maio, the former Italian foreign minister, was appointed as the first EU special envoy for the Gulf region on May 15. His appointment reflects the EU’s commitment to strengthening ties with the Gulf countries and deepening cooperation in various areas. Di Maio’s visit to Oman prior to his meeting with Sheikh Abdullah highlights the EU’s focus on engaging with all countries in the region.

Looking Ahead

The meeting between Sheikh Abdullah and Di Maio marks another step towards strengthening the UAE-EU relations. Both parties expressed their commitment to enhancing cooperation in multiple sectors, including economics, trade, investment, energy, and climate. The upcoming UN Climate Change Conference hosted by the UAE will provide a platform for further collaboration and discussions on addressing climate change.

As the UAE continues to play a prominent role in regional and global affairs, its partnerships with key stakeholders like the EU will be crucial in achieving shared goals and addressing common challenges. The meeting between Sheikh Abdullah and Di Maio is a testament to the UAE’s commitment to fostering strong relationships and working towards a sustainable future.

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