Thursday, March 23, 2023

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Iraq’s Sectarian Quota System: Holding the Country Back?

A legacy of the US occupation, the muhasasa system sees political positions divided among different religious sects.

Starbucks’ New CEO Laxman Narasimhan Assumes Role Ahead of Schedule

Starbucks on Monday said Laxman Narasimhan has formally come to be CEO, almost weeks in advance than anticipated.…

Sheikh Hasina: Defender or Attacker of Democracy in Bangladesh?

The Bangladeshi prime minister on claims of repression of political opponents and the ongoing Rohingya refugee crisis.

China’s Role in Iran-Saudi Deal and the Changing Global Order

China brokering a deal between longtime Gulf rivals is 'a broader sign of a changing global order', analysts say.

Freedom House: Global Freedom Recession May Be Improving

US-based group says despite overall global decline for 17th year in 2022, net improvement may be on the horizon.

Failed $32.5m theft at Chile airport leaves 2 dead

A firefight broke out at the Santiago airport when a group of armed men attempted to seize a large shipment of cash.

Greece Train Crash Protests Resume: Demonstrators and Police Clash

Protesters clashed with police in front of the Greek parliament in Athens as demonstrations continue.


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