Thursday, March 23, 2023

Tag: discrimination


Israeli Knesset passes controversial judicial law in first vote

Bill that weakens Supreme Court passes first reading, alongside a bill that would protect PM from removal.

Indonesia’s Failure to Resolve West Papua Conflict

The country's government has focused on containing, rather than resolving, a crisis with roots in a dubious referendum.

Israel’s Political Crisis: How Serious Is It for the Government?

An estimated 500,000 people protest over the far-right govt's judiciary reform plans.

MC Stan’s Biography, Age, and Net Worth: Family Background Revealed

MC Stan, whose real name is Altaf Shaikh, is a popular Indian rapper and songwriter known for his hard-hitting lyrics and powerful performances. He was born on December 30, 1998, in Tadala, Maharashtra, India, to a middle-class Muslim family. MC Stan is one of the youngest Indian singers, rappers, music composers, and songwriters. He (The […]

3 arrested by Indian police for killing man over beef possession.

Naseem Qureshi, 56, died earlier this week after being attacked by a mob on suspicion of carrying beef.

Sheikh Hasina: Defender or Attacker of Democracy in Bangladesh?

The Bangladeshi prime minister on claims of repression of political opponents and the ongoing Rohingya refugee crisis.

Canadian School Board Acknowledges Caste Discrimination

Toronto's school board, the largest in Canada, joins a push to ban discrimination based on caste in North America.


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