Friday, October 27, 2023

“Sabalenka snubs Ukraine handshake at French Open”


Belarusian tennis player Aryna Sabalenka is set to face off against Ukrainian rival Marta Kostyuk in the French Open. Kostyuk has been vocal about her criticism of tennis authorities over their handling of players from Russia and Belarus following the invasion of Ukraine. Sabalenka, who is ranked number two in the world, understands that Kostyuk may refuse to shake hands after their match. However, Sabalenka says that she doesn’t feel anything towards Kostyuk if she hates her. Sabalenka also expressed her belief that sports shouldn’t be involved in politics and that athletes should be able to compete without any political tensions. The two players previously faced off in Dubai earlier this year, with Sabalenka emerging victorious.

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