Saturday, November 4, 2023

PIF Ranks 7th Worldwide and Top in Mideast for High GSR Scores


Title: Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund Ranks First in the Middle East and Seventh Worldwide in Governance and Sustainability


Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund (PIF) has secured the top position in the Middle East and seventh globally among 100 state-owned funds for its exceptional performance in governance, sustainability, and resilience practices. The Global Sovereign Wealth Funds’ evaluation, conducted through the GSR scorecard, recognizes the PIF’s commitment to best practices in these areas. This article explores the PIF’s achievements and initiatives that have contributed to its leading position.

The PIF’s Commitment to Sustainability

In November 2022, the PIF made a groundbreaking announcement, becoming the first sovereign wealth fund in the Middle East and one of the first globally to commit to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050. This bold step showcases the fund’s dedication to environmental sustainability and positions it as a pioneer in the region.

Voluntary Carbon Credit Auctions

The PIF has actively supported the global transition to clean energy by organizing the largest voluntary auctions of their kind worldwide. Through these auctions, the PIF sold over 3.6 million tons of voluntary carbon credits to local and international entities and companies. This initiative demonstrates the fund’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions and supporting sustainable practices.

Green Bonds Issuance

In October 2022, the PIF made history by becoming the first sovereign wealth fund to issue green bonds. These bonds, including the first-ever century green bond, had a total value of $8.5 billion. The successful issuance of green bonds highlights the PIF’s dedication to financing sustainable investments and promoting environmentally friendly projects. In February, the fund raised an additional $5.5 billion through its second green bond issuance.

Circular Carbon Economy Approach

The PIF aims to achieve its target of reaching zero neutrality in greenhouse gas emissions through the circular carbon economy approach. This approach was a centerpiece during Saudi Arabia’s presidency of the G20 in 2020. The concept was endorsed by G20 leaders as a voluntary, holistic, integrated, and pragmatic approach to managing emissions while promoting economic growth. The PIF’s commitment to this approach demonstrates its dedication to balancing environmental sustainability with economic development.

PIF’s Vision and Mission

The PIF envisions itself as a global investment powerhouse and the world’s most impactful investor. Its goal is to shape the future global economy by creating new sectors and opportunities while driving the economic transformation of Saudi Arabia. To achieve this vision, the PIF’s mission is to actively invest over the long term to maximize sustainable returns, be the investment partner of choice for global opportunities, and enable the economic development and diversification of the Saudi economy.


Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund has emerged as a leader in governance, sustainability, and resilience practices among state-owned funds globally. Its commitment to achieving net-zero emissions, organizing voluntary carbon credit auctions, issuing green bonds, and adopting a circular carbon economy approach showcases its dedication to sustainable investments. The PIF’s vision and mission reflect its ambition to shape the future global economy while driving the economic transformation of Saudi Arabia. As the fund continues to prioritize sustainability, it sets an example for other sovereign wealth funds worldwide.

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