Saturday, October 28, 2023

“NGO Rescues 438 Migrants in Mediterranean with Rescue Ship”


Rescue Ship Ocean Viking Saves 438 Migrants in Two Days

MARSEILLE, France: The rescue ship Ocean Viking, operated by SOS Mediterranee, has successfully saved 438 migrants in distress in the Mediterranean over the last two days. The rescues took place in international waters off the coasts of Libya and Tunisia, according to the France-based NGO.

Rescue Efforts in the Central Mediterranean

On Thursday, the Ocean Viking rescued 272 people from three different boats in the central Mediterranean, which is considered the most perilous maritime crossing for migrants. The rescued individuals hailed from 23 different nationalities and included 32 unaccompanied minors, nine babies, and five people with disabilities. These rescues highlight the dangerous conditions migrants face when attempting to reach Europe from North Africa.

Additional Rescues and Coordination with Italian Coast Guards

Later on Friday, the Ocean Viking carried out another rescue operation, saving an additional 166 people from distressed boats. The Italian coast guards coordinated with the NGO to evacuate those onboard in the search and rescue area between Tunisia and Lampedusa. Lampedusa, a small Italian island located just 90 miles from Tunisia, serves as the first port of call for many migrants embarking on the treacherous sea journey to Europe.

Current Situation and Destination

As of now, there are 438 rescued individuals on board the Ocean Viking. The ship is currently heading towards Genoa, a port in northern Italy. The Italian authorities have instructed the vessel to disembark the migrants at this distant port.

Alarming Statistics and Increased Fatality Rates

The United Nations migration agency, the International Organization for Migration (IOM), reports that at least 2,013 people have died or gone missing while attempting to cross the central Mediterranean this year. This figure is significantly higher than the total for 2022, which stood at 1,417. These statistics underscore the urgent need for effective measures to address the humanitarian crisis in the region.

Tragic Incidents and Safety Concerns

In June, a single sinking in the western Mediterranean claimed the lives of at least 82 people, making it one of the deadliest incidents involving migrants in the area. Such incidents highlight the risks migrants face during their journey and the importance of prompt rescue operations.

In July, the Italian authorities detained the Ocean Viking for 10 days at Civitavecchia. The vessel was questioned regarding its safety standards before finally being released. This incident raised concerns about the safety of rescue ships and their ability to carry out their vital missions.


The rescue ship Ocean Viking, operated by SOS Mediterranee, has once again demonstrated its commitment to saving lives in the Mediterranean. With 438 migrants rescued in just two days, the organization’s efforts are crucial in addressing the ongoing humanitarian crisis. The alarming increase in fatalities this year emphasizes the need for international cooperation and effective solutions to ensure the safety and well-being of migrants. As the Ocean Viking heads towards Genoa, it is hoped that the rescued individuals will receive the necessary support and care they need upon disembarkation.

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