Thursday, November 2, 2023

NCP leads PM Marin in Finland’s early election count.


According to data from the justice ministry, Finland’s opposition party, the National Coalition Party (NCP), is currently leading in the country’s parliamentary election with 20.8 percent support from advance ballots. However, with only 40.1 percent of votes counted, the outcome remains uncertain.

The Social Democratic Party (SDP), led by Prime Minister Sanna Marin, is currently in second place with 20.7 percent support. The nationalist Finns Party is in third place with 18.6 percent support. Despite Marin’s popularity abroad as a progressive millennial leader, she has faced criticism at home for her government’s public spending and her personal life.

If the NCP’s lead holds, its chair Petteri Orpo will have the first opportunity to form a coalition and obtain a majority in parliament. This would likely result in the end of Marin’s tenure as prime minister.

The NCP has been leading in polls for almost two years, although its lead has decreased in recent months. The party has promised to reduce spending and prevent the rise of public debt, which has increased to over 70 percent of GDP since Marin took office in 2019.

Orpo has accused Marin of weakening Finland’s economic resilience at a time when the country is facing the impact of Europe’s energy crisis, caused by Russia’s war in Ukraine, and rising costs of living.

Overall, the election results remain uncertain as counting continues.

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