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Mayar Sherif: Highest-Ranked Egyptian in Tennis History by Design


Mayar Sherif: The Rise of Egypt’s Highest-Ranked Tennis Player

Mayar Sherif has made history by becoming the highest-ranked Egyptian tennis player in the professional era, surpassing Ismail El-Shafei’s career-high mark of 34. Sherif achieved this feat after winning two WTA 125k titles in Makarska, Croatia, and Valencia, Spain, and entering the grass season with a 10-match winning streak. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Sherif’s journey to becoming Egypt’s top-ranked tennis player and her plans for the upcoming grass season.

Sherif’s Journey to the Top

Sherif was born on May 5, 1996, in Cairo, Egypt. She started playing tennis at the age of six and turned pro in 2015. She has been steadily climbing up the rankings since then, breaking into the top 200 in 2019 and the top 100 in 2020. Her recent success on the WTA 125k circuit has propelled her to a career-high ranking of 31.

Sherif’s success on the court is a result of her hard work and dedication. She trains six days a week, with Sundays off, and follows a strict diet and fitness regimen. She also works with a team of coaches and trainers to improve her game.

Sherif’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Sherif is known for her strong baseline game and her ability to hit powerful groundstrokes from both wings. She is also an excellent mover on the court, with good footwork and agility. Her preferred surface is clay, where she feels most comfortable and can use her topspin to great effect.

However, Sherif’s game is not without its weaknesses. She can struggle with her serve at times, and her net game needs improvement. She also tends to play too defensively at times, which can make it difficult for her to finish off points.

Sherif’s Plans for the Grass Season

Sherif is now preparing for the grass season, which presents a new challenge for her. She has limited experience on grass, having played just two Wimbledon qualifying matches two years ago. However, she is looking forward to the challenge and is approaching the grass swing with a fresh winning mentality.

To prepare for the grass season, Sherif is working with her coach Justo Gonzalez to make several adjustments to her game. She plans to add more slices and volleys to her game, as well as work on her serve. She is also considering changing the model of Wilson racket she has been using.

Sherif’s first stop on the grass circuit will be the WTA 250 event in Bad Homburg, Germany, before heading to Wimbledon, where she will make her main draw debut. She is excited to be heading to the All England Club for the first time as a pro and is looking forward to enjoying the experience.


Mayar Sherif’s rise to become Egypt’s highest-ranked tennis player is a testament to her hard work and dedication. She has worked tirelessly to improve her game and has achieved remarkable success on the WTA 125k circuit. As she prepares for the grass season, she is looking to make several adjustments to her game and is approaching the challenge with a fresh winning mentality. We wish her all the best for the upcoming season and look forward to seeing her continue to make history on the court.

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