Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Jordan’s Lower House Assigns Legal Committee to Review Amman-Israel Deals Amid Gaza Conflict


Jordanian Lower House to Examine Agreements with Israel

The Jordanian lower house has taken a significant step by tasking its legal committee with examining the agreements that Jordan has signed with Israel. This move comes as part of ongoing efforts to reassess the relationship between the two countries and address concerns regarding Israeli actions.

During a session on Monday, the house speaker, Ahmad Safadi, proposed that all Jordanian-Israeli agreements be thoroughly examined by the legal committee. The committee will then provide recommendations to the government for any necessary actions. The proposal received overwhelming support from nearly all lawmakers present during the session.

In addition to examining the agreements, the speaker called on the legal committee to prepare an official complaint letter to be sent to the International Criminal Court. The letter will address alleged “Israeli war crimes and genocide in Gaza.” Furthermore, the speaker urged other Arab and Islamic parliaments to follow suit and take similar actions.

The lower house also expressed its commitment to supporting the Palestinian cause by coordinating with the government and the military to increase the number of field hospitals in Gaza and the occupied West Bank. Jordan has had a military field hospital operating in Gaza since 2009. The Jordanian Army has already taken steps to provide aid to the hospital, including air-dropping supplies to alleviate severe shortages.

Jordan’s relationship with Israel extends beyond the 1994 Wadi Arab Peace Treaty. In 2016, the two countries signed a $10 billion agreement for Israel to supply gas to Jordan for 15 years from a field in the Mediterranean. Additionally, in November 2022, Jordan and Israel signed a memorandum of understanding for a water-for-energy deal. Under this agreement, Jordan will build 600 megawatts of solar power capacity to export to Israel, while Israel will provide 200 million cubic meters of desalinated water to water-scarce Jordan.

The recent developments reflect Jordan’s strong stance against Israeli actions in Gaza. Jordan has previously stated that it would “immediately” recall its ambassador in Tel Aviv in protest against the humanitarian catastrophe caused by Israel in Gaza. Furthermore, Jordan has made it clear that the return of the two envoys is contingent upon Israel halting its war on Gaza.

The decision to examine the agreements with Israel and take action against alleged war crimes demonstrates Jordan’s commitment to upholding international law and seeking justice for the Palestinian people. By involving the legal committee and potentially referring recommendations to the government, Jordan aims to ensure that any necessary actions are taken to address concerns and hold Israel accountable for its actions.

The move also highlights Jordan’s determination to support the Palestinian cause and alleviate the suffering of Palestinians in Gaza and the occupied West Bank. By increasing the number of field hospitals and providing aid, Jordan aims to provide much-needed assistance to those affected by the ongoing conflict.

In conclusion, the Jordanian lower house’s decision to examine agreements with Israel and take action against alleged war crimes reflects the country’s commitment to justice and support for the Palestinian cause. By involving the legal committee and coordinating with the government and military, Jordan aims to address concerns and provide assistance to those affected by the conflict. This step marks a significant development in reassessing the relationship between Jordan and Israel and seeking accountability for Israeli actions.

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