Thursday, November 2, 2023

“Jordan’s Army Chief Welcomes US Military Delegation”


Jordan and US Discuss Joint Military Cooperation

The chairman of Jordan’s Joint Chiefs of Staff, Maj. Gen. Yousef Huneiti, recently welcomed a US military delegation led by Gen. Michael Erik Kurilla, commander of the US Central Command. The meeting, which took place in Amman, aimed to discuss joint cooperation and coordination in military fields to achieve their mutual goals.

Strengthening Bilateral Relations

Jordan and the United States have a long history of military cooperation and partnership. This meeting further strengthens the bilateral relations between the two countries and highlights their commitment to working together to address regional security challenges.

Both Jordan and the US share common interests in promoting stability and security in the Middle East. The discussions between the high-ranking officers from both countries focused on identifying areas of collaboration and enhancing joint military efforts.

Mutual Goals and Objectives

The meeting emphasized the importance of achieving mutual goals through joint military cooperation. By working together, Jordan and the US aim to enhance their capabilities in various military fields, including training, intelligence sharing, counterterrorism operations, and defense technology.

Both countries recognize the significance of maintaining a strong defense posture to deter potential threats and ensure regional stability. The exchange of expertise and resources will contribute to the effectiveness of their military forces and enable them to respond swiftly to emerging challenges.

Counterterrorism Efforts

Jordan and the US have been actively involved in counterterrorism efforts in the region. The meeting provided an opportunity to discuss strategies and share experiences in combating extremist groups and preventing their activities.

As a key ally in the fight against terrorism, Jordan has played a crucial role in promoting regional security. The country has been actively involved in military operations against ISIS and other extremist organizations, both within its borders and in neighboring countries.

The US, with its extensive military capabilities and experience, has been a valuable partner in supporting Jordan’s counterterrorism efforts. The meeting aimed to further enhance this cooperation and explore new avenues for joint action against terrorist threats.

Training and Capacity Building

One of the key areas of cooperation discussed during the meeting was training and capacity building. Jordan has a well-established reputation for providing high-quality military training, and the US has been a significant contributor to this effort.

The exchange of expertise and joint training exercises between the two countries have proven to be beneficial in enhancing the capabilities of Jordanian military personnel. These initiatives have also fostered closer ties between the armed forces of both nations.

By continuing to invest in training programs and capacity building, Jordan and the US aim to strengthen their military forces and improve their readiness to address emerging security challenges.

Defense Technology Collaboration

Another area of focus during the meeting was defense technology collaboration. Both Jordan and the US recognize the importance of leveraging technological advancements to enhance their defense capabilities.

The exchange of defense technology and equipment will enable Jordan to modernize its military infrastructure and improve its ability to respond to evolving threats. This collaboration will also contribute to the growth of the defense industry in Jordan and create opportunities for economic development.


The recent meeting between Jordan and the US military delegation highlights the commitment of both countries to strengthen their bilateral relations and enhance their joint military cooperation. By working together, they aim to achieve mutual goals in promoting stability, combating terrorism, and addressing regional security challenges.

The discussions focused on various aspects of collaboration, including training, intelligence sharing, counterterrorism efforts, and defense technology. These initiatives will contribute to the effectiveness of their military forces and enable them to respond swiftly to emerging threats.

Jordan and the US have a shared vision of a secure and stable Middle East, and their continued partnership will play a crucial role in achieving this goal. Through joint efforts and cooperation, they will be better equipped to address the complex security challenges in the region and promote peace and prosperity.

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