Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Jordan Increases Army Presence Along Israel Borders | TOME


Jordan Increases Border Presence Amid Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

The ongoing conflict between Israel and Gaza has raised concerns in neighboring Jordan, which is home to a large population of Palestinian refugees and their descendants. In response, the Jordanian army has bolstered its presence along the borders with Israel and issued a warning against any attempts by Israel to forcibly transfer Palestinians across the Jordan River.

Prime Minister Bisher Khasawneh emphasized that Jordan would use all means at its disposal to prevent Israel from implementing any policies aimed at expelling Palestinians en masse from the West Bank. He stated that such actions would be considered a breach of the 1994 peace treaty between Jordan and Israel, potentially leading to the liquidation of the Palestinian cause and jeopardizing Jordan’s national security.

While Jordan has maintained strong security ties with Israel since signing the peace accord, relations have deteriorated under the current right-wing Israeli government. Khasawneh stressed that the peace treaty would be meaningless if Israel failed to respect its obligations and violated it.

To protect its national security, Jordan has deployed additional troops along the borders with Israel. Witnesses have reported seeing columns of armored vehicles and tanks moving towards the Jordan Valley, opposite the West Bank. These deployments are part of precautionary measures taken by the Jordanian army, which was already on high alert.

Khasawneh warned that Israeli actions in the West Bank, particularly the increasing number of attacks by Jewish settlers on Palestinian civilians, could trigger wider violence. The prime minister called on Israel to curb settler violence and avoid any escalation in the West Bank, emphasizing that this was a red line that Jordan would not accept.

The Israeli government’s hard-line stance and support for a Jordan-is-Palestine solution have fueled concerns in Jordan. Right-wing ultra-nationalists within the Israeli government have long advocated for transferring Palestinians to Jordan as a resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian issue. However, such a move would be met with strong opposition from Jordan, which views it as a breach of the peace treaty and a threat to its national security.

The recent escalation of the conflict in Gaza, resulting in the displacement of a significant portion of the population, has further heightened tensions in the region. Jordan, already burdened with hosting a large number of Palestinian refugees, is determined to prevent any further displacement or actions that would lead to it.

The international community, including the United States, has also expressed concerns about the situation. Washington has urged Israel to curb settler violence, fearing that it could escalate the conflict and lead to wider instability in the region.

As the situation remains tense, Jordan is prepared to take all necessary measures to protect its national security and prevent any further escalation. The increased presence of troops along the borders serves as a deterrent and a clear message to Israel that any actions that threaten Jordan’s stability and violate the peace treaty will not be tolerated.

In conclusion, Jordan’s decision to strengthen its border presence amid the Israeli-Palestinian conflict reflects its commitment to safeguarding its national security and protecting the rights of Palestinians. The country’s warning against any attempts to forcibly transfer Palestinians and its insistence on upholding the peace treaty with Israel demonstrate its determination to prevent further displacement and maintain stability in the region.

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