Wednesday, November 1, 2023

“Jordan and UAE Collaborate on Social Care Cooperation”


Jordan’s Minister of Social Development, Wafa Bani Mustafa, and UAE Ambassador Khalifa bin Mohammed Al-Nahyan recently met to discuss cooperation in social care. The meeting focused on the efforts made by the Jordanian government to improve social protection services and the role played by UAE humanitarian projects in alleviating hardships faced by vulnerable groups, particularly refugees.

Improving Social Protection Services in Jordan

Minister Mustafa highlighted the government’s commitment to enhancing social protection services in Jordan. The country has been working towards anchoring its social protection strategy to administrative, economic, and political modernization. By doing so, Jordan aims to provide better support and care for its citizens, especially those who are most vulnerable.

The Role of UAE Humanitarian Projects

During the meeting, Minister Mustafa acknowledged the significant contribution of UAE humanitarian projects in Jordan. These projects have played a crucial role in alleviating the hardships faced by vulnerable groups, particularly refugees. The UAE has been actively involved in providing aid and support to refugees in Jordan, helping them access essential services and improving their overall well-being.

Cooperation and Outstanding Services

UAE Ambassador Al-Nahyan praised the Jordanian government for its cooperation and outstanding services offered to the UAE Embassy in Amman. The ambassador recognized Jordan’s expertise in providing social services, especially refugee programs. He expressed his willingness to increase the scope of partnership between the two countries to further enhance social care initiatives and achieve mutual objectives.

Expanding Partnership for Mutual Objectives

Both parties expressed their commitment to expanding the partnership between Jordan and the UAE in the field of social care. They recognized the importance of collaboration in addressing social challenges and improving the lives of vulnerable populations. By working together, Jordan and the UAE can leverage their respective expertise and resources to create more effective and sustainable social care programs.

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The meeting between Jordan’s Minister of Social Development and the UAE Ambassador highlights the importance of cooperation in social care. Jordan’s efforts to improve social protection services, along with the support provided by UAE humanitarian projects, are crucial in alleviating hardships faced by vulnerable groups, particularly refugees. The commitment to expanding the partnership between the two countries demonstrates their shared objectives in enhancing social care initiatives. By working together, Jordan and the UAE can make significant progress in improving the lives of those in need and creating a more inclusive society.

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