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Iran launches drones at Israel, airspace closed and defenses ready | TOME


Iran Launches Drones Towards Israel in Unprecedented Attack

Late Saturday night, Iran launched drones towards Israel in what is being described as a full-scale military assault. This attack comes in response to an airstrike last week that killed two Iranian generals in Syria. The Israeli military announced the incoming drones, and the country’s airspace was closed to all flights as a precaution.

Preparation and Response

Israeli military spokesman Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari stated that it would take several hours for the drones to reach Israel and that the country was prepared for the attack. The White House also pledged support for Israel’s defense against the ongoing threat from Iran. President Joe Biden cut short a weekend trip to monitor the situation and convene a National Security Council meeting.

Israel’s Defense Capabilities

Israel has a robust air defense system capable of intercepting various threats, from long-range missiles to drones and rockets. Despite this, Hagari emphasized that no defense system is 100% effective, urging the public to heed safety announcements. The US Central Command has been coordinating with Israel on the Iranian threats, showcasing the strong partnership between the two countries.

Escalating Tensions

Tensions between Iran and Israel have been escalating, with Iranian officials threatening retaliation for previous attacks. While Iran has historically avoided direct attacks on Israel, recent events have heightened the risk of a broader regional conflict. The ongoing clashes between Hezbollah and Israeli forces in Lebanon further complicate the situation.

Seizure of Container Ship

In a separate incident, Iranian commandos rappelled onto an Israeli-affiliated container ship near the Strait of Hormuz and seized the vessel. The ship, associated with London-based Zodiac Maritime, was taken into Iranian territorial waters. The crew, consisting of nationals from various countries, was urged to be released by international authorities.

International Response

Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz called for the designation of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist organization following these aggressive actions. The US reiterated its full support for Israel’s defense against any attacks by Iran and its proxies. The global community is closely monitoring the situation and working to ensure the safety of all involved parties.


The recent drone attack and seizure of a container ship by Iran have heightened tensions in the region and raised concerns about a potential wider conflict. Israel’s strong defense capabilities and international support are crucial in navigating these challenging times. As the situation continues to evolve, diplomatic efforts and strategic coordination will be essential in de-escalating tensions and promoting stability in the Middle East.

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