Tuesday, March 19, 2024

IAEA to assist Iraq in nuclear program development


The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is working closely with Iraq to help the country develop a peaceful nuclear program. This collaboration was highlighted during a recent visit by IAEA Director General Rafael Grossi to Baghdad, where he met with Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani.

During the meeting, discussions centered around various projects in Iraq, with a particular focus on the construction of a nuclear reactor for peaceful purposes. Iraqi Education Minister Naim Al-Aboudi emphasized the importance of these projects in advancing Iraq’s nuclear capabilities in a responsible and peaceful manner.

Grossi expressed his support for Iraq’s nuclear ambitions and announced that a team of Iraqi experts would soon visit the IAEA headquarters in Vienna. This visit aims to establish a roadmap for Iraq’s peaceful nuclear program, reflecting the country’s growing interest in nuclear energy as a sustainable power source.

Iraq has a complex history with nuclear technology, having previously operated three nuclear reactors in Tuwaitha, its main research site located south of Baghdad. However, these reactors were destroyed in past conflicts, including an Israeli air raid in 1981 and US airstrikes during the 1991 Gulf War following Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait.

Grossi acknowledged the challenges posed by Iraq’s past experiences with nuclear technology but emphasized the importance of moving forward towards a more peaceful and sustainable future. He stated, “Turning the page on this complex past is of the essence, and we’re doing just that.”

The collaboration between Iraq and the IAEA represents a significant step towards establishing a secure and peaceful nuclear program in the region. By working together to develop a roadmap for Iraq’s nuclear initiatives, both parties are demonstrating their commitment to promoting the safe and responsible use of nuclear energy.

The interest in nuclear energy in the Middle East is on the rise, with several countries in the region exploring the potential benefits of nuclear power. By leveraging the expertise and guidance of organizations like the IAEA, these countries can ensure that their nuclear programs adhere to international safety standards and contribute to global efforts towards sustainable energy development.

As Iraq continues to pursue its peaceful nuclear ambitions, collaboration with international partners like the IAEA will be crucial in ensuring the success and safety of its nuclear program. By working together to establish a clear roadmap and guidelines for Iraq’s nuclear initiatives, both parties are laying the foundation for a secure and sustainable future for nuclear energy in the region.

Overall, the meeting between Grossi and Iraqi officials underscores the importance of international cooperation in advancing peaceful nuclear programs. By leveraging expertise and resources from organizations like the IAEA, countries like Iraq can navigate the complexities of nuclear technology while upholding safety standards and promoting global peace and security.

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