Thursday, November 2, 2023

G7 Urges China to Follow Rules, Citing Economic Coercion


The Group of Seven (G7) leaders have expressed their concerns over the increasing use of trade restrictions in political disputes, particularly by China. The G7 has pledged to work together to counter economic coercion and boost economic resilience and security. The leaders have outlined a strategy towards their dealings with China, stating that a growing China that plays by international rules would be of global interest. However, they also warned that attempts to weaponise economic dependencies would fail and face consequences. The use of punitive trade measures by China has been a closely watched topic at the G7 summit, with calls for coordinated action to push back against Beijing. Japan, South Korea, Australia, and Lithuania have all been hit with trade restrictions in recent years following disputes with China. The G7’s statement comes amid growing calls for the international community to be ready to implement tough sanctions on China if Beijing makes aggressive moves towards self-governed Taiwan.

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